SHESHE (2013-2017)

BIO: Folk-Rock band SHESHE has been a Madison favorite since 2013. A power trio with the force of a band with twice their numbers, their sound is original and explosive. Since their formation, SHESHE has played countless shows and festivals around Wisconsin and surrounding areas, and received several nominations for the Madison Area Music Awards; in 2015 they took home the award for Unique Performer of the Year. With upbeat guitar grooves, shredding violin solos, and mesmerizing vocal harmonies; this group is INTENSE!  




Featured in Project Famous Magazine (November 2014)

Featured in Maximum Ink Magazine (November 2014)

max ink cover (nov 2014)

Imaginary Watermelon (2015-2018)

Imaginary Watermelon is a heart-pumping alternative folk-rock band based in Madison, WI. It is comprised of stellar musicians plucked from some of Madison’s favorite bands; a 4-piece with collectively decades of experience in the fine Art of rockitude. Since their formation in January 2015, they’ve been developing a foundation in Madison and the surrounding mid-west. They recently received 6 nominations at the 2017 Madison Area Music Association Awards, taking home the award for Best New Artist and playing as a featured musical guest. In June of 2017, Imaginary Watermelon released their debut full-length album, Swimming in Potential. With powerhouse vocals, poignant lyrics, screaming guitar licks, and an effortless groove: this mighty 4-piece puts on a stellar show that gives the right kind of buzz.



“Imaginary Watermelon have a lot of momentum going and there is an energy and a buzz about them.  …there is a lot of potential here and enough talent to allow them to really stretch their wings…”  – Rick Tvedt, Local Sounds Magazine 2017

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